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I Went to Meet a Tree

I learn from the Italian Mama about an oak tree in our neighborhood that’s over 200 years old.  It’s a ten minute stroll from my

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If We Had a Mile

On the walk to school, a normally shy and withdrawn little girl comes to my side.  “Guess what?” she asks, her eyes huge. She watches

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The Littlest of Treats

This morning after church, we visit the grocery store and let our daughters run to the very back where all the bins of “penny candy”

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The Single Moment

This week, I find a quote from Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. Borges states, “Every destiny, however long and complicated, essentially boils down to a

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Another Delay!

I notice this morning the beauty of delay.  When you live in Central Pennsylvania, you receive early morning phone calls alerting you to delayed school

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I Don’t Mind

Today, I don’t mind the Pennsylvania landscape. Our Little Sledding Hill The Big Wide World The wide space of it soothes the soul and brings

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