Places You Can’t Reach Alone

Today I observe the way cats bathe each other

Cats know that some places you just can’t reach alone: behind the neck, way down the back, the shoulder blades.  So one bathes the other.

I’m watching Jack and Snowflake, and I realize that some places in my own heart I just can’t reach alone.  I think about the beauty of good counselors, wise friends, skilled teachers, and discerning pastors.  I think about spouses and children.  I’m not meant to reach some places alone, and God sends understanding people to journey there with me.

One translation of Proverbs 20:4 reads, “A person’s thoughts are like water in a deep well, but someone with insight can draw them out.”  When I don’t know what I’m feeling, and when I don’t understand myself, I find someone with insight.  

Cats know that some places you can’t reach alone.  Living with flair means knowing we aren’t meant to.  We find people to journey with us to the deepest places in our own hearts. 

Have you found that some places you can’t reach alone?   

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  1. This is provocative, Heather!  My image of myself is that I can find solutions on my own, but then I realized that I often talk my way to a solution.  And I don't mean talking to myself (although I do that , too, in vain!).  I'm lucky to have people who will listen to me discover wisdom by talking .