Another Delay!

I notice this morning the beauty of delay

When you live in Central Pennsylvania, you receive early morning phone calls alerting you to delayed school openings (normally two glorious hours) due to icy roads. With a delay, my daughters have the time and space to think about what they really want for breakfast.  With a delay, they reconsider outfit choices.  With nothing and no one to rush them, they relax as the morning passes.

Thank God for delay! 

I’m thankful for every delayed dream, every delayed plan, every delayed relationship.  That time and space allowed me to ask what I really want.  I could relax and reconsider. 

When I want something right now, I have to remember the beauty of delay.

Are you thankful for a time when your plans were delayed? 

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  1. On the way to St. Louis once, I was delayed in traffic. I looked over and noticed the beautiful purple wildflowers planted in the median. What a grace moment!