The Littlest of Treats

This morning after church, we visit the grocery store and let our daughters run to the very back where all the bins of “penny candy” sit.  For just a few coins, they can pick out chocolates or taffy or jelly beans of any flavor.  They fill a little bag, weigh it on the scale, and print out the price tag.

My daughter feels as if she’s hit the jackpot in chocolate.  She finds chocolate made to look exactly like smooth pebbles.  She holds up her bag of candy while I put the price sticker on it:  35 centsMy oldest has found green gumdrops, and for 19 cents, she’s happy for the entire afternoon.

How much does it take to add a treat to the day?  Something little–under a dollar–can make an ordinary Sunday seem different. 

Living with flair means we don’t forget the power of the littlest of treats. 

What’s something that brings you pleasure that costs less than 50 cents?

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