“Why are they wasting their time talking about me?” What Tom Bradley Thinks JoPa would Think of the Fuss

I’ve spent all day thinking about Joe Paterno.  I’ve navigated my way through media vans, through tears, through crowds, through countless twitter updates.  Even now, I’m watching the student-lined streets ready to erupt as the funeral procession begins. 

Then, I hear former coach Tom Bradley on the news say to a reporter that if Joe Paterno were watching this fuss about him, he would say, “Why are they wasting their time talking about me when there are so many things they could be doing to help other people?” 

Good point.  I think this is why we can’t stop talking about him. 

Are you thinking about Joe Paterno today? 

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  1. I think he would say, “Why are you students not in class.”  He was totally academics both for his team and all the PSU students when I was there.