If We Had a Mile

On the walk to school, a normally shy and withdrawn little girl comes to my side. 

“Guess what?” she asks, her eyes huge. She watches me with her mittens folded together and her boots kicking the ice. 

“What?  Tell me everything,” I respond (because I have a whole mile to listen and nothing to do but walk with her).  And then, I learn all about dolphins. 

Dolphins.  That was the door that let me into her heart.  I think about how–if only I had known–I might have asked about dolphins last year. 

If only I had known!  I realize that every person I meet today has a deeply held love of something.  Maybe it’s dolphins or coconuts or turtles or guitar.  I want to make the kind of time and space to hear about it. 

I want to give you a whole mile today. 

If you had a mile to talk, what would you want to talk about today? 

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  1. Hi Heather, Ive been visiting and enjoying your blog for a while but this my first time commenting.
    For the first third of a mile I would talk about snails. Today's project is getting a good snail picture for my blog.
    For the next third of a mile I would talk about the book I'm reading now: The Introvert Advantage (How to Thrive in an Extrovert World).
    For the last third I would talk about how I want to find my role in serving others and helping relieve some of the suffering in the world.
    Or maybe we could do three miles.
    Thanks for asking!

  2. Hello, Edith!  I wish we had FOUR miles.  I've never actually talked about snails or that Introvert book.  I've heard about this book.  I would love to hear more about how you relieve suffering in the world.  Everyone should have that mission.  Thank you!

  3. I'm an introvert – I want to read that book! Thanks for sharing.
    Of course, I would talk about dogs but also about God and redemption of both animals and people.