Unlikely Sucess

Today, Jack alerts me to a beautiful bird in the Weeping Cherry.

He talks to the bird with that strange broken meowing sound, moving his jaw rapidly.  I’ve wondered for years why cats make this sound when they look at birds. 

My husband tells me that cats imagine eating the bird and therefore make munching sounds with their mouths.

Jack’s on the hunt, imagining success.  Would a cat ever capture a bird like this?  Unlikely.  Would a cat with one eye, indoors, catch a bird like this?  Never.

Still, the cat munches.  Still, he visualizes success.

Maybe one day.  The confidence of my One-Eyed Cat inspires me.  The bird flies from the tree, uncaught, and Jack, undaunted, settles under the lights of the Christmas tree.  Maybe, in his mind, he simply let the bird go. 

Oh, Jack, you crazy cat, living with flair, in lights for all to see.  You don’t give up.  We won’t either.      
Happy Saturday!  Are you inspired to persevere today? 

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  1. I remember my cats doing this, too. Animals are dumb only in verbal speech (and with some even that is questionable). Think of how many self-help gurus talk about imagining success while our pets and wildlife have been doing it for eons! 

  2. Not all cats 'charm' birds. Of the many cats we have had over the years, we had only one who would sit in the windowsil and 'charm' the the birds in our yard with his

  3. Heather, you are becoming quite the photographer 🙂 Loving the 'Christistmasy' feel of the bird and Jack's photo. Miss you!