Easy Does It (How to Survive the Holidays)

Tonight, we host a Christmas party for graduate students.  We’ve learned, after all these years and all sorts of gatherings in our home, that easy does it

Nobody cares if my cabinets have hand prints on them.

Nobody cares if I forget to dust the top of the refrigerator.

Nobody cares if I don’t have the kind of Christmas centerpieces you see in glossy magazines. 

We’re here to be together, so everybody can just relax, put their feet up, drink some holiday punch, and sing carols around the freshly tuned piano.

I decide to create some holiday cheer for guests with one of the easiest recipes I know:  Peppermint Bark.

We melt some white chocolate, add some peppermint extract, crush up some candy canes, sprinkle them on top with with chunks of white chocolate, smear it on a pan, let it cool in the fridge, break it up, and serve it.

Children love things that involve verbs like crush, smear, sprinkle, and break.  It’s so easy and fun, that we think of ways to embellish the recipe.

What if we make coconut bark?  Imagine!  Coconut, dark chocolate, and white chocolate:  

Bring on the season!  Living with flair means you can celebrate with easy and fun.

What’s your easiest and most fun holiday treat?

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  1. Oh the coconut!  I've never thought of that!  I think I just found something I'll have to make once the semester is over!

  2. We're supposed to dust the top of the refrigerator?!?!?

    =)  Oh, my goodness….that coconut bark sounds fabulous. I LOVE coconut…but no one else in my family does…hmmm….that means if I make coconut bark it might all be for me! =)

    Have a wonderful afternoon, Heather!  I best you are a delightful hostess.

  3. The peppermint bark sounds scrumptious. I'll pass the coconut one to my sister; I consider myself “allergie.”  LOL. 

    Recently had people over – being short, I forget about tops of fridges, ceiling fans, etc. All seemed to have a good time, anyway :). 

  4. YUMMMMMM!  Wish I lived nearby!  That looks fabulous!  You are so right.  WE can do things very simply and not fuss and worry about what is clean.  It is being together that makes the holidays so precious!  Thanks for this timely reminder.  Blessings!

  5. For the past few years I have made caramel corn, which is pretty easy and very tasty. This year I saw a recipe for maple-pecan granola in my newspaper. It is even easier. I just made my first batch! Either of these treats can be stored in a big Tupperware container, and quickly packaged in a cute little gift bag for a last-minute gift for someone.

  6. I make nestle marshmallow fudge with two kinds of chocolate chips.  ….it's medium easy and has only not turned out once in all the times I've made it.     My favorite add-ins for white choc/almond bark  is mixed dried berries with macademia nuts or cashews.  YUM-O!!!