Small Deposit, Big Return

Frost covers the clover this morning.

Frost Melts on the Clover

The children bend down, astonished by these small deposits of tiny white ice crystals.  Children teach me that the smallest thing often holds the most wonder.

I stand above the clover, and then I bow down to observe it.  I marvel at the conditions that frost this clover; that unseen hand requires air saturated with water vapor on surfaces cooler than the dew point.

I don’t understand it.  It fades within the hour from the warmth of the rising sun.  Frost, when I really observe it well, astonishes indeed. 

It’s not even noon, and I’ve already marveled.  Living with flair means marveling–being absolutely filled with wonder and astonishment–today.  I want to live my life greatly impressed.  Instead of cynicism or complaint, I want to marvel. 

What has astonished you today?

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  1. The ability to reach across the internet and provide encouragement, just what someone needs, without realizing that is actually what you are doing.
    It just blows me away every time, whether I am on the receiving or giving end.

  2. This sounds lazy but I work night shifts; I love waking early, looking out the window at the frost and/or fog, nodding off to later wake to sunshine or rain. Today, we have sunshine! and the frost is way gone. Thanks for keeping my eyes and heart wide open. 

  3. The peace of just taking one day at a time. I knew the concept… but life's circumstances have taught me the necessity for mental survival. Now survival has turned into flourishing!