Seeing Inside Your Knot

I’m trying to untie a jumbled mass of a thin gold necklace from my daughter’s jewelry box.  A tangled knot on the chain challenges me to the point of frustration.  Finally, I put the chain down and find the tip of a pencil to loosen the knot. 

I don’t even know where to begin; I just dig around inside that knot until I see the tiniest bit of space. 

With even that small bit of space, the knot starts to unravel.  The chain releases its tension, and I can see inside the trouble.  Strand by strand, the whole thing smooths out. 

I start thinking that this is what great teachers do.  This is what mothers and fathers and spouses do.  This is what friends do, especially those friends who know the exact verse of Scripture for every problem. 

They help us unravel what’s so tied up in us.  They loosen us up enough to see inside the knot. 

I want to be a pencil tip in a knot. 

Do you have the kinds of friends that help you unravel your problems?  What kinds of questions do they ask you so you can see inside your knot?   

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  1. My prayer partner/spiritual sister has a PH.D in psychiatric nursing and is a graduate of a 12 step program. She asks very clear questions, sometimes opening me up in ways I didn't anticipate and always in love. 

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