One Thing Leads to Another (Pictures of the Cauliflower Mac-n-Cheese)

First, flaxseedNow?  I’m pureeing cauliflower.  I have photographic proof that I actually served cauliflower mac-n-cheese (only it wasn’t cheese; it was cauliflower).

Adventures in Cauliflower Sauces

My oldest says, “This is delicious.  Who knew?”  My youngest says, “No way. I love it.”   My skeptical husband doesn’t say a word because his mouth is full of delicious pasta.

It’s like some great momentum took over and healthy food just finds its way in now.  I steam the cauliflower, put it in my blender (the same one that makes the blueberry-spinach smoothies), add milk, some Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, and there you go.

Flaxseed started this whole thing.  Living with flair means making a simple change–adding one new thing in–that just might change everything. 

I’m dying to know what thing you added to your life that created a snowball effect of good things?

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  1. My small step this month has been to make new potholders.  I had a couple of ugly ones that I received as gifts, years ago.  One had pictures of large dogs on them and I am NOT a dog person.  They irritated me every time I used.  I just used up fabric scraps and recovered the old ones in less than 2 hours.  Now I look for reasons to use them, potluck party, I need to bring a dish that requires me to bring my potholders, hmm let's try a new soup recipe.  They just put me in the mood to cook and bake. 

    Love your daily musings!

  2.  Hello, Christy!  I love this story of the little potholder who starts a kitchen trend of soups, etc.  Miss you!! 

  3. Heather, you will love this blog, Life of a Novice; she makes her own baby food and shops/cooks locally, too, right up the alley with cauliflower mac & cheese (looks delish, BTW).