I Know It Doesn’t Sound Romantic

My husband buys me a space heater as a surprise.  I know it doesn’t sound very romantic.  Just wait. 

He leaves a trail of words taped to the floor that eventually lead to my frigid, Arctic Basement Office.  Here, I find a small Lasko space heater.  I turn it on, and immediate warmth embraces me right here in the bitter cold. 

I’m in love.  

He knew I was cold down here.  He knew about my freezing little hands on this keyboard.  

One of my friends says that her love language is warmth.  If her husband can warm her, she’s happy. 

I sit here in the basement, and I’m warm and happily married. 

Can’t practical gifts be romantic? 

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  1. Absolutely!  For me the most romantic things are found in the practical because it shows they notice the good and the bad in the everyday, and dare I say mundane, stuff.  I also think it serves the husband in their natural tendency to want to solve and fix problems!   Love that about my guy!

  2. I think it depends on the gift and the intention. This gift is intended to make your body, your work, and your life more comfortable. Had it been a vacuum? Maybe less romantic. (Unless you LOVE vacuuming.)