One-Eyed Jack Learns Synchronized Napping

You know the story of sweet Jack.  We found him wounded and frail with a broken tail, a cut mouth, and a missing eye.  We nursed him back to health, and one day, he found his purr.  Next he learned to meow.  Eventually, he rediscovered normal feline behaviors and even developed courage.

We know he’s not very pretty to the untrained eye.  

Jack with One Eye

But oh how we have fallen for this little cat! When he’s not basking in the sun, he’s weaving between our legs, purring and expressing the deepest love.

Yesterday, I find Jack’s newest and most favorite winter activity:  Synchronized Napping. 

Can I Nap with You?

His best friend, Snowflake (affectionately called Snowball due to winter weight gain), naps in the same spot every single day of her life, and now, Jack joins her.

Synchronized Cat Napping

He matches her curve by curve.  I watch him, and I think about friendship.  We meet folks where they are, synchronizing.

Aren’t animals amazing?

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  1. I have multiple photos of dogs doing the same thing; why do I keep taking the picutres? They move me by their simplicity and kinship, though none are related. These are wonderful photos.