Attempting Homemade Naan

Last night, I attempt homemade naan (Indian flatbread).  I’m learning that trying new culinary tasks–especially ones with great potential for failure–represents part of living with flair.  I survived Italian Cooking Lessons, so why not try Indian food?

If I’m not risking disaster, maybe the task isn’t worth trying. 

I make the dough and add fresh chopped garlic. With garlic, you press down until the clove escapes from its prison of sticky paper skin.  I imagine the work it takes to release a person from her protective shell; that pressure accomplishes a beautiful thing in us.  I have to remember this.

I let the dough rise all afternoon, return from teaching, and then roll out the dough.  I apply brushstrokes of rich yellow butter.

Rolling Out the Naan Dough

Then, I let the dough bubble and rise on the griddle. The smell of this garlic naan beckons the children toward the kitchen, their noses leading them.

Naan Bubbling on the Griddle

We feast on the Indian Naan with yogurt raita (I add coriander, cucumber, and diced tomatoes). 

Later, I think about how far I’ve come with these experiments in cooking.  I want to move on to other experiments and unexplored regions of my abilities.  Thank you for joining with me in these “experiments” of living with flair.

What was your last life experiment? 

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  1. I've made naan bread before and the recipie I used ended up with more of a tortilla than what yours looks to be.  It was good nonetheless. 

  2. That looks amazing!  I just buy mine at Trader Joe's.

    My latest life experiment is dipping my toes back in online dating/meeting/whatevering. I have to swallow so much pride.  It is just so NOT fun.

  3. I love garlic and can smell your naan through your post! Yum!
    My last life experiment was taking a group piano lesson – I was far ahead of the others but it was fun to share. I “should” sell my piano as I am not a real player but I love having it…..if just to give me hope of great music.