Invest in Future Happiness

Emptying the dishwasher late at night does not make me very happy.  I’m tired.  But I do it, night after night, because when I wake up to a clean kitchen and an empty dishwasher, I feel so happy. 

“I’m investing in future happiness!” I call out to the family.  I’m picking up toys, straightening pillows, and organizing for the next day. 

I realize that when I don’t want to do something (exercise, cleaning), it’s because the payoff often comes later and not right now.  But right now isn’t always the most important thing. 

I have to remember that living with flair means we learn to invest in future happiness too. 

How do you invest in future happiness?

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  1. How true! I do the same thing, and while I never enjoy late in the evening cleaning it always makes me feel amazing when I wake up and realize I don't have to do it all then!

  2. I remember to “wash my bowl.” getting my food bowls and cup done and clean for the next meal is a rewarding ritual.