A Little Thing

I’m sitting by a woman, and we start talking about creativity and how God uses our creativity.

She tells me she’s been baking. 

She enrolled in a cake decorating class with her family in order to make “occasion cakes” for children and teens who don’t have anyone to make a cake for them.  For birthdays or graduations, local shelters and juvenile detention centers alert my friend about any cake needs. 

She’ll bake and decorate a cake and then deliver it to a teenage who never once had somebody make a cake for them.  Never once had this teen been celebrated with something so simple as a birthday cake. 

I start to imagine all the recipients of my friend’s cakes.  I see the looks on their faces as the beautiful birthday cakes arrive with their names on them.  I start to imagine how–for this one moment–they feel something start to bubble up inside.  Maybe, just maybe, I’m loved.  Maybe, just maybe, somebody sees me and cares

It’s a little thing: a birthday cake decorated for someone who never had one before. 

Living with flair means using creativity to bless someone who needs it. 

What can you make for someone who needs a blessing?   

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