If You Know How to Use It

I read this morning a fascinating quote from E.Stanley Jones:

“A young army officer said this, ‘Weather, in war, is always favorable, if you know how to use it.’ That is the point–if you know how to use it.  The fact is that everything that comes to you in life is favorable–if you know how to use it.” 

I look at the day before me and grimace over the tasks, but then I wonder, Is everything favorable if I know how to use it?

I look out at the icy rain and frown over the weather, but then I ask myself:  How can I use this? 

Beautiful things are coming; I’m already choosing joy.  Over these last 600 blog entries, I’m learning to use whatever comes in order to learn, grow, and find beauty. That’s God promise, and I find that He keeps it. 

Do you know how to use whatever you’re going through?

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  1. thanks for the thought provoking posts…I do enjoy them. 
    In response to this one:
    I don't always know how to use it for good … but I am learning that God does…love that verse inRomans… no situation or experience is beyond His redemption… I have, in hindsight, seen this truth play out in my life…this knowledge bring peace to life