Today I realize all the ways one might influence an environment.

In writing, an author influences the mood of a piece by using primarily sensory detail: sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. Writers generate moods for their readers; they manipulate language to produce sad moods, happy moods, suspicious moods, romantic moods, or humorous moods (among others).

It occurs to me that when we enter a room, we too–like an author–can influence what people experience. What do folks experience when they spend time with us? What mood do we leave them with? It’s worth thinking about. It’s worth considering if we contribute to negativity and hopelessness or if we lift an environment with joy, peace, and expectant faith.

We do influence our environment. We are influencing our environment–right this moment–and I wonder what kind of influence we’re having.

Can you imagine bending every situation toward the light? That’s what I want to do.

Have you seen the way one negative person can bring down a whole room?

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  1. my great uncle, who just passed away, left this among his journal notes…Your life either shines a light or casts a shadow