My shy daughter finally befriends a little girl she’s crossed paths with for years but never had the courage to approach.

She finally invites the girl to play, and now, it feels like they’ve been best friends all this time.

When I’m tucking my daughter in for bed, she says, “Mom, I have a regret. I regret that I didn’t ask her to play sooner.”

I think about all the times we want to do something but don’t out of fear or shyness. I think about how many months and years pass because we lack courage to approach that person, that project, or even that  new experience.

I’m glad we learned what it feels like to wish we’d done something sooner. Living with flair means we pray for courage–even when we’re shy, even when we have fear–to approach someone or something when we want to.

Do you have a regret that you would have approached someone or something sooner?

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  1. Therapy and relationships. I have an alcoholic mother, aunt and grandmother (although I never met her) and a family that was not very good at self-esteem in general. I begun therapy when I was 27 and it changed my life tremendously. I managed to free myself from the things I inherited growing up in my family and, the first time in my life, I had the courage to approach men and starting a relationship. Even though I know now that all happened when the time and the circumstances were right, I sometimes regret that I did not seek professional help earlier.