In Praise of Helpful People

I’m sitting in my office, and I realize the difference it makes when you encounter a truly helpful person.

Helpful people inspire me; it’s like they actually enjoy serving others.  Sometimes, I’m just overwhelmed that someone would be so helpful, especially when it brings no obvious or immediate benefit to them.

This week, so many people went out of their way to help me:  friends babysitting my children for free, coworkers making my photocopies or delivering books when they didn’t have to, a technician installing speakers on my computer so I could enjoy music in my office, or neighbors lending a car when our minivan broke down.  Just this very moment, a coworker sent me an encouraging note after a very discouraging meeting.  Each day, whenever I needed help, help arrived. 

What if we were all just. . . helpful?  I wonder who needs some help today.  I want to be the one who arrives on the scene.

Journal:  Aren’t you so thankful for helpful people? 

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  1. This could not have come at a more opportune time for me to read Heather. I have been somewhat discouraged with my own blog of late. Then, someone wrote a nice note to me on Facebook and it lifted my spirits. It is easy for this world to get us down. A word spoken at just the right time or a deed of kindness goes a long way in our busy world. It reflects the glory of Christ! Thanks my friend!

  2. Yes, I am truly grateful for the kindness and helping of two friends over the weekend. Could not have done it without them. What a blessing they are in my life. I want to pay it forward when they need me.