Be Careful What You Pray For

This afternoon, a group of children practice their instruments together in my home.  One girl drags in an enormous baritone horn, another assembles her flute, and still another positions herself at the piano.

These brand-new musicians (two being my daughters) all want to practice their first song:  Hot Cross Buns.

It’s loud, squeaky, and all out of sync.

I’m listening to it all, and I remember how I prayed that God would fill my home with music.  I know nothing about music.  I don’t even know how to read music.  But I knew I wanted to raise musical children; it seemed right and good and wonderful.

That year, I said in despair to a friend, “I don’t have a piano, and we’ll never be able to afford one.”  My friend said, “Well, you need to ask God to send you a piano and to fill this home with music!”

So I did.  And He did.  The next day, a friend texted to tell me the church down the road was giving a perfectly good piano away because they were getting a new one.  Did I want it? 

Within an hour, I had a dolly and a truck from U-Haul, several strong students, and a piano entering into my living room.

And today I have a concert happening before my eyes.  

I think about that prayer as my house explodes with music.

I’ve never heard a more beautiful sound.

Journal:  Did you ever ask for an extravagant thing that you received?

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  1. I LOVE this, Heather. One of my boys taught himself to play almost every instrument but the flute. At one time, in addition to the piano, we had a trumpet, saxophone, trombone and electric guitars in the house. We have a very small house. I'm imagining those discordant sounds presently coming from your living room. Trust me. You will some day miss it all.

  2. Yes! I'm convinced God adores music because I also asked God for a piano and within a few months, He delivered one to my doorstep. Now I give free lessons in my neighborhood because it is too valuable a gift not to give away!

  3. Patricia–that seems VERY LOUD! I can only imagine. That baritone nearly made me plug my ears! But you are absolutely right; I know I am going to miss all this music one day.