How Embarrassing!

This morning, in my rush to get to class on time, my purse catches on a door handle.  I fling back against the door like a dog who has reached the end of her leash.  

In the commotion, I actually punch myself in the face with my flailing arms.  Students look on with pity. 

How profoundly embarrassing and highly unprofessional!  

To make matters worse, a student orbiting nearby becomes sucked into my gravitational pull.  She steadies herself against the door so I don’t bring her down with me.  She’s young, cute, and very stylish.  I’m worried she’s broken a stiletto heel in an effort to avoid me.

“I’m so sorry!  My purse caught on the handle!” I explain, fumbling with my books and trying to untangle the purse strap.   

She turns to me and giggles.  “I do that all the time!  I really do!  That happens with my purse so much.”  She helps me regain my balance and then moves forward into her bright future.

I watch her hurry away, and I’m so thankful for that sweet college girl.  There’s something about rushing to the aid of a person in an embarrassing situation and saying, “This happens to me all the time.”

I felt better.

Journal:  Have you ever helped to diffuse an embarrassing situation?   

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  1. This post made me laugh, remembering the time I was trying to maintain my poise in front of someone famous with whom I was sharing an elevator. I did all right until we reached my floor, at which point, upon exiting the elevator, I tripped and fell to the ground. While holding a baby. We were both fine, but everyone gasped as we went down. Not only that, but we fell in such a way as to block the elevator door from closing, so this famous person I greatly admire could not leave until I had extricated myself. A nearby friend hurried to help me up, and as I escorted my bruised pride down the hall, she said warmly, “That has happened to all of us.” I laughed and protested that that was absolutely untrue, but her sweet gesture made me feel less like an idiot.