I’ll Take What I Can Get

Today it rained all day.

(Not the big kind of rain, but the small kind of drizzle that’s enough to keep you inside but not enough to use an umbrella when you’re picking children up from school.) 

With a small kind of rain, you stop to consider how long it will take to thoroughly water the irises, peonies, berries, and herbs.

Surely all day.

Maybe that’s the right way to absorb–to hydrate–in the gradual way a spring shower insists upon.  There’s nothing quick about it; you take it in tiny drop by tiny drop all the way to your roots.  You’re so thirsty and ready to bloom that it doesn’t matter how little there is or how long it takes to fill you.

I’ll take what I can get, even if it takes all day to soak it up.

Do you love spring rain showers?

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0 Responses

  1. I do – I love this type of spring rain – soft, quiet, gentle; slowly feeding thirsty plants.  Not even the hounds mind going outside in this type of rain!