Your Own Gutter System

This morning I see my husband creeping around the outside of the house in the pouring rain.  He’s checking the gutter system.

“How are they?” I call out.

“The ones in the back of the house aren’t working well.  I have to clean the leaves out.”

A house in this climate absolutely requires a properly functioning gutter system.  The gutters collect the rain from the roof and send it towards the downspouts that direct rain away from the house.  In the absence of such a system, rainwater collects around the house and damages the foundations and even floods the basement. 

I think about how a person might direct the downpour of damaging circumstances away from her heart and mind in order to keep a sure foundation.  I need an unclogged path–a system of clean gutters–that collect and divert every onslaught into God’s hands. Why do I collect what damages and not release it away from me? 

I know it’s a lack of trust that clogs and blocks.  I know it’s a self-focus that keeps me tied to my circumstances and not the truth of who God is. 

 I send it all into the downspout and stay secure. 

We’re cleaning gutters today.  What clogs and blocks? 

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  1. They drove by your house in their BMW, gazing at the beauty of your
    slate roof, your spotless sandy brick, the paned custom windows and
    the  red steel door – polished like their car, faced with a brass framed
    leaded glass storm door. Did they see your gutters? No..  Did they even think that without them, there would be water spots and running paint stains all the way down the house and the garden in the front would have a trench from the erosion? No..  The least expensive part of the house, keeps it looking the best.  They collect and direct the abundance of rain that's poured upon it, out into the world.
    We can learn from the gutters, that we should also pour out the abundance that God pours upon us – out into the world. The effect of 
    not collecting and directing this abundance will only bring the erosion
    of our purpose here. A continuous flow eliminates clogs and blocks.
    Thanks for the inspiration Heather.

  2.  Amazing writing, Mark!  This is beautiful and so spiritual discerning!!!

  3. Good comparison! 🙂 A good gutter system is also advisable
    to have for an individual to make sure he/she could live life in a happy and
    damage free home as possible. If a gutter is working well, like a person free
    from any troubling/negative thought and emotions, life will go on, free
    flowing, and without a care in the world, and thus, the people living in the
    home, and the person themselves, would be happy.

  4. Very well said, Heather. As a home owner, you have to know
    facts about gutters. More than that, I was amazed of how you managed to relate
    such with one’s own life. Anything that isn’t part of the original design,
    clutters in the gutter, for example, is most often unhelpful. Just like in a
    person’s system. Negative emotions close our hearts from those who are dear to

  5. Indeed, houses in areas prone to rain should always make sure their gutters are in good shape to prevent any roof issues when the rain starts pouring. A poor and clogged gutter system can lead to roof leaks and rusting of the roof structure. Routine and regular gutter cleaning is the best way to avoid these problems. But I guess you already have that on your list

  6. It's a good thing that your husband was checking the gutters because if he didn't, you may have had to repair or replace your roof or some parts of your house that have been affected by gutter problems. Anyway, I believe all of us have different tactics to get through the rainy days. And at the end of the day, we still see it through and welcome the sunshine with a smile on our face.

    Penelope Dingee

  7. Cleaning the gutters is simply the best way for you to avoid major roof repairs. Lack of cleaning will cause debris to pile up on the roof's surface; likewise accumulating water in the area. This can weaken your roof and may lead to bigger problems.

  8. There are several solutions to unclog a gutter. Two of them
    are installing gutter protection products and hiring a gutter cleaning service. Oh, did you know that clogged gutters are fire hazards? Clearly, it’d be best to habitually inspect and clean your gutters.

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  9. Hey, Heather! You have such profound thoughts. It’s nice that you were able to relate the purpose of your gutter system to your life. It’s also good to know that your husband is checking the gutters often. In that way, you can be sure that your gutters will be protected from possible damage.

    Sarai Loftis