When God Asks You to Give What You Do Not Have

This morning in church, we read from 1 Kings 17 the story of the Widow at Zarephath.  Elijah comes to her and asks of her what she does not have

Elijah insists that she give him what she does not have (in this case a loaf of bread).  And when the Widow acts in faith, God graciously and miraculously supplies flour that is not used up and oil that does not run dry. 

Does God ask of me what I do not have or order that He may supply it?  In order that He might usher me into that wondrous place of miracles? 

It suddenly occurs to me that the life of faith begins when God asks something of me that requires absolute dependence upon Him.  I do not have what it takes here.  I do not have the resources or the talent.  I do not have what you’re asking of me, Lord! 

He asks of me what I do not have in order that He may graciously, miraculously supply it. 

Did God ever ask you for something you did not have? 

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  1. This is a very good analogy Heather.  God doesn't just want us to read His word but need His word. If we hope for what we already have, our hope is for nothing.  Romans 8:24  For we were saved in hope, but hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for that which he sees?      “We would have nothing unless it was given to us from Heaven.”
     John 3:27
    In answer to your question:  God has asked me to wait-asked me for time. I still haven't found enough of it yet he keeps giving it to me..  Blessings, Mark

  2. Wow! {I think I say that every time I read your posts.} This is so perfect for me – that's exactly how I feel right now. How am I going to do this, Lord? I don't have what it takes!  Thank you so much for encouraging me with this today, Heather.