I Actually Did It (a Homemade Owl Costume)

With special thanks to the pattern from Alpha Mom blogger, I travel to the fabric store. My daughter has asked for an owl costume, and I can’t find one pre-made anywhere.

“Can’t we make one?” Oh, no. Anything but this. 

If you know me,  you know I have absolutely zero crafting or sewing skills. I do own a glue gun, though. So I travel to the fabric store, find the cheapest fabric, and spend the afternoon cutting out feathers. Imagine: music playing, children frolicking, and fabric feathers flying about the living room.

My oldest daughter teaches me how to vary a pattern so it looks like feathers. I hadn’t considered this. We use hot glue, and I find myself strangely confident.

I start gluing. This is actually working.

She’s going to wear it with a brown tutu and a painted owl face. I can’t believe I did it.

Thank you, blogging world, for do-it-yourself costumes!

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