He Will Rescue You

As I read Psalm 35, I’m suddenly struck by the repetition of one word: rescue.

I learn afresh that God rescues us from what comes against us. I recall all I’ve been rescued from, and I can hardly contain the joy inside of me when I remember.

But today, I ask God to rescue me from ways of thinking and being that violate and disable the sweet peace He offers. I ask God to rescue me from fear that keeps me in a state of hyper-control and anxiety.

He rescues us! At the very end of this psalm, David–who wrote this while being hunted down by his enemies–writes, “The Lord be exalted who delights in the well-being of his servant.”

I seldom remember that God truly delights in our well-being. He is our Rescuer from whatever distresses and endangers us.

Praise Him. When I feel hunted down by anything at all, whether internally or externally, I appeal to my Rescuer.

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