Battlefield Cookies

For the past four years when I visit the battlefields of Gettysburg, our host brings us the most delicious cookie I’ve ever tasted. I refer to them as “Battlefield Cookies,” and I think about them when I return home. Yes, they have some coconut in them. How did you ever guess that?

This year, I discover the caterer has ordered these cookies from a delightful shop called Hope’s Cookies. You can order Battlefield Cookies (actually called Hope’s Royale and enjoy them at home! They’re expensive, but they arrive in cute little boxes. You can freeze them and pop them in lunch boxes, so I decide to place an order. I imagine sending little boxes to neighbors in need.

They arrive in two days. Fresh. Yummy. So good.

This morning, I remember my office mate has lost her dog and continues to endure various struggles. She needs a Battlefield Cookie since she’s fighting so much. I pack some Battlefield Cookies in my purse.

I love the concept of a little treat during battle. Just an hour before, my husband read a psalm to me and reminded me of all the abundant goodness of the Lord stored up. For some reason, I think of my frozen Battlefield Cookies just stored up for me to enjoy and share with others.

The Lord is good. We’re in a battle, but cookies are here.

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  1. What a lovely post, Heather, as always. You continue to add warmth and wisdom to my days, and I just wanted you to know. I made my favorite fall cookies today, Crinkly Gingersnaps, and took some to my hair dresser. Most of the rest will go to neighbors and others, as God leads, leaving some for me to dunk in tea. If we were neighbors, I'd invite you over to enjoy some with me!