Confessions of a Tailgater (The Driving Kind)

It’s a rainy day, and on the way to the grocery store, I nearly collide with two different cars at various stop signs. My tires spin and the brakes hesitate on the slick pavement. I’m driving way too close to the car in front of me, and these driving conditions showcase my problem: I’m a tailgater. I’m a shameless tailgater.

I don’t know why. I think it’s because I’m always in a hurry. I’m always focused, productive, and fast. If you’re in front of me, you simply become part of my schedule, so let’s move.

When I slow down today (because I was about to crash with several different cars), I suddenly realize the importance of giving folks space and time. They’re on their own journeys. They’re on their own timelines, even.

Give them space.

Give my husband space. Give my daughters space. Give my neighbors space. Give my students space. I need to stop tailgating and let folks get to where they’re going on their–and God’s– timeline.

Living with flair means giving people space and time.

Have you ever wanted someone to give you space and time? It’s a precious thing!

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  1. Love this. I realized when I finished reading that I was actually breathing more deeply than when I started. 🙂