What It Needs

I was thinking the other day about the millions of acorns on my lawn. What does it take for one little seed to take root and grow into a tall oak? Why aren’t there millions of spouting acorn seeds all over my lawn?

So many don’t survive. They’re eaten. They dry out. They rot. They’re stomped on by our feet. They overheat and lose their germination ability.

But some do survive.

This little seed–one of thousands–will become something huge.

It can live past 400 years. It can grow over 100 feet tall.

I think that all my creative ideas are seeds I toss out to the world. Many won’t survive, but some will.

When I watch this time-lapse video of an acorn turning into an oak tree, I note how methodical it all is. I note how long it takes. I note that nothing interferes with this process. 

Mostly, I note that if a seed finds perfect conditions, it will do what it’s supposed to do.

It will. 

I think more about writing. I think about parenting. I think even about friendship. 

Where shall this one be planted, Lord? What will help this seed grow?

Do you view writing like planting seeds?

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