Crayon Drip Pumpkins: A Fun After School Craft

My youngest daughter bursts out of the school telling me how we must melt crayons on our pumpkins because her incredibly creative and wonderful teacher showed her one of her own designs.

“It was so beautiful in all those melted colors! Let’s do it!”

At moments like this, I feel we are an ill-matched mother / daughter pair. I’m going to mess the whole thing up. I’m going to ruin the pumpkin! I promise to attempt Crayon Drip Pumpkins, but I cannot promise cute or excellent. I cannot promise it will work at all.

Apparently, if you simply glue your old broken crayons around the top of a pumpkin and blow dry them for a minute, they’ll run and drip down in fun designs.

It looks scary to me. Perfect for Halloween, right?

Do you have a pumpkin craft you want to share?

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