Blogging as a Spiritual Discipline

As I read Peter Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, I begin to ask myself why blogging has been so very good for me emotionally and spiritually. 

Scazzero explains that in contemplative spirituality, folks develop a “balanced, harmonious rhythm of life that enables [them] to be aware of the sacred in all of life.” 

Blogging every day–with the intent to notice God–offers a rhythm that indeed opens my awareness to sacred things.  When you set out to find what connects you to God each day, you realize that it all does. 

If you let it.  If you ask it to. 

Suddenly, you’re worshiping a Mysterious Creator in everything from dirty kitchen floors to blooming flowers.  You see the hand of God in acorns and loose teeth and Christmas cookies.

You find yourself with God all day long.  Nothing’s changed about this family, this house, this neighborhood, my income, or my unfulfilled dreams. My circumstances are exactly the same.  But I’ve changed.  I’ve let the presence of God infuse every corner of it.

Now, it all bursts at the seams with beauty, joy, and wonder.   

Blogging as a spiritual practice invites me to find God reflected in all of it.

Have you found blogging to be a spiritual practice?  

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  1. My intention was to keep my blogging separated as a “spiritual writing only” area.  The reason being that I thought that any other writing would mix the heart of it or might be confusing, as to where I was really coming from.” Then God created the parable and the metaphor
    and saw that they were good – and the scribes rejoiced.”
     I want to write something that may save the world from self-destruction, while  I know that there is only one man who has already saved the world.  At least He was gracious enough to allow us to interpret it and write about it.
    With the Holy Spirit abiding in us, I suppose that any thing we write  could be described as being spiritual, as long as it's directed to the source. 
    Philippians 4:8  (paraphrased) ” Whatever things are of good report, write about these things”.

  2. Absolutely! I do believe writing is a form of worship. There is a joy and a peace that comes from the Lord through writing and/or blogging especially when it is a reflection of who God is, what He is doing, or showing us. There are many special moments where the Lord has whispered a beautiful and timely message to my heart through a piece of writing. I cherish those moments and I love being able to look back on those moments of instruction and whispered wisdom and praise Him!

  3. Blogging has been expressive of the Spirit even if the content is mundane. I guess blogging can be a window to That which lay “below the limen of feeling”.