I’m Not Gonna Wait Around All Day For It

I place the fresh nectar in the feeder for my hummingbirds, and I decide to position myself in the backyard to take the perfect photo of a glorious hummingbird. 

I wait.  I wait some more.  Normally, the hummingbirds arrive immediately after I hang the feeder.   I wait.  I know they’re coming. 

I wait.  I focus my camera.  I just know they’re coming.  It will be so wonderful when they come!  I’ll have a beautiful photograph!  It will be so great!

I wait. 

Then I begin to think about all the other fun things I could be doing.  I could be reading!  I could be baking!  I could be with friends!  I could even be folding fresh, warm laundry! 

As I sit there on my deck, waiting with camera in hand, I remember that dreams and hopes are like this.  I can wait and wait–frozen here–or I can go about the day, enjoying fully all the good gifts God has in store. 

A hummingbird may indeed come, but I’m not going to wait around all day when there’s a life to live. 

Do you sometimes get frozen as you wait for a dream? 

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