Only on the Sabbath

After all these years, I’m still learning about Sabbath.  As I pray about ways to keep the Sabbath (especially with young children), I begin to consider special things I could do to set the day apart.  Sure, we attend church, go on family hikes, or spend the afternoon in the garden together.

I even practice different spiritual disciplines like more journaling or solitude.  I even take naps. 

But I realize what’s missing:  Sabbath Delights in the form of very special food.   My Southern husband remembers the big Sunday dinner you have after church down South, but everybody knows I’m not great in the kitchen.

I’m learning. 

So last night, my youngest and I decide to make a pastry that I loved as a child (recipe and photos coming next week).  It’s an Almond Kringle. It’s possibly the most delicious treat I’ve ever tasted.  

We wake up this Sabbath Day, and we all eat pastries.  It feels so special and so set apart.

Can we make more?  They all ask, smiling and happy and feeling special.  

Only on the Sabbath, I tell them.  Wait till next week when we’ll all enjoy Sabbath Delights together.

Do you enjoy special foods on Sunday?

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  1. That's very fun. I drink my coffee out of Farfel coffee mug on Sundays only.  It's a coffee mug I was given as a kid, which previously only held chocolate milk. Sets the day apart in a fun way.

  2. You know how to make Kringle?!?  That's amazing.  I just discovered this stuff last semester when my boss brought it in…it really is like the best stuff ever. 

  3. Yes, I enjoy special foods on Sunday and enjoy the Sabbath on Friday evening with family and our Jewish brothers and sisters, keeping in practice with the day that our Father God set apart for us.