When Your Greatest Strength is Weakness

This morning, I hear the Local Artist pray that our friend could “have the strength to rest” today.  The expression sticks; it takes strength to allow oneself to admit weakness, need, and dependence.

Authentic folks display weakness.  They live in the beauty of weakness.  They confess they lack power and ability, and that makes them the most honest and the most grace-filled of all.  At that point of confession, the power of God surely enters.  

Living with flair means we have the strength to be weak.
What is it so hard to admit weakness? 

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  1. This is soo true. Thank you for sharing! It's both encouraging to hear it be said that the times when I admit weakness are times when God is allowed to be used in my life the most… but it's also an eye-opener and reminder that I need to be okay with my weaknesses more often!