Any Day Now, It’s Coming

I’m awaiting the proofing copy of my book, Live with Flair: Seasons of Worship and Wonder. I hope to make it available sometime in October! I’m so excited to have (and to offer to you) this collection of lessons my heart learned these past five years.

I’m so thankful for each day now. I’m so attuned to each gift I can gather from the day, no matter how terrible the day seems. Any day and every day, I know how to live with flair. It took five years of practice–of sowing deeply into the belief that God is good and what He does is good, of uncovering the mystery and beauty of simple things–that now, every day indeed shimmers.

Looking back, it was a way of gathering back into my heart everything lost through those years of depression.

Today, I’m standing once again in my raspberry patch, and I gather each ripe thing.

I present a bowl of berries to my daughters to gobble up after school. I think of how, when they are my age, they might remember the way it felt to put each berry on their fingertips. I hope they remember the stain of it and the sweet pleasure of each berry popped into their mouths.

Meanwhile, I gather more and more. Each day, I gather and offer what I glean. When the book arrives to my doorstep, I will smile and know that God helped me gather well.

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