A Late Blooming Rose

The roses on the garden trellis haven’t bloomed for weeks. But this morning, we find the hugest bloom, right there where no bloom should be. It’s astonishing because it blooms so late. All around us, everything has bloomed and is moving on to new stages: the tips of the oak leaves flare up with color; acorns fall and crack; it’s cold enough for mittens. 

This rose bush lags behind. Yes, this is a late-bloomer indeed. 

We tell our daughters about the expression late bloomer in gardening and in life. If everyone else races on by in any kind of development–social, physical, or emotional–it’s no cause for alarm. Your time will come. You will astonish and bring more beauty to the world precisely because of the timing of it all. While others fade, fall, and crack, you’ll just be getting started! 

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