A Way to Conquer the Morning (Besides Coffee)

This morning, I wake up so sluggish and crabby that I just can’t imagine walking to school with the children.  As I slump out the door, scowling and overwhelmed, I feel my camera in my coat pocket.

At least it’s a sunny morning.  Maybe I’ll document this grueling walk.

Woods in the Morning

I look out through my lens to follow the light, and immediately, something changes in me.

I see the trees–really see them–and pause for a minute. 

And then I find her:  Some old crabby thing rises up against the morning light.

Letting the Light Find Her

She’s lit up, now beautiful, now conquering the morning, now distinct from the gnarled woods.  Rise and shine.  But she’s not doing it; she’s just letting the light find her.  

Do you have a way you like to conquer the morning (besides coffee)?

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