Under Occlusion

Right about this time of year, my hands inevitably crack and bleed.  The knuckles, red and leathery, reveal winter fissures that make me wince. 

Nearly every part of my skin, if not already chapped, is vulnerable to the bitter cold winter air. 

And right about this time of year, I wear gloves everywhere.  I even wear them to bed.  I especially wear rubber gloves when I’m doing housework.  These tender hands need a barrier of protection against the elements.

My doctor friend says to put my hands “under occlusion” (covered with gloves) after using lotion to keep the moisture from evaporating.  Under occlusion, my hands have a chance to heal.  Occlude means to cover, block, or close, and I’ve decided it’s a great winter verb. 

My whole day becomes about protecting these little bleeding knuckles!  My skin isn’t as tough as I thought!  I’m putting these hands under occlusion! 

I realize that sometimes that’s the season I’m in:  vulnerable.  So I pull back, go inward, and rest more.  I’m under occlusion, and that’s right and good.  When I’m in a tender place emotionally, spiritually, or physically, that’s exactly when it’s appropriate and necessary to produce an extra layer of protection from whatever comes against me. 

My extra layer?  It might be more sleep, more prayer, more nourishment, more fellowship, more laughter.  It’s that kind of season, and we aren’t as tough as we thought.  We go under occlusion, and we’ll be ourselves again soon. 

Do you have a cure for chapped hands? 

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  1. Sorry to hear about your hands-ow!
    I don't have a cure, but I can recommend a product that work well at keeping your hands well moisturized and will help with healing.
    It is Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Cream, and comes in a short tube 5.5 oz. It is the cream, not the lotion.

    I have always heard that Bag Balm is supposed to be amazing, but I have never used it. It was originally formulated to use on cow udders, and is made in upstate VT.  🙂

    Good luck!

  2. My answer for everything is cocnut oil… To style my hair, for cooking and even for skin! My sister in law puts a little bit in my nephews bath because he had such awefully dry skin and nothing medicated helped, she hasnt really had problemssince… Its amazing stuff 🙂

  3. Are you serious, Ashlee!??  Do you know about my obsession with all things coconut?  And now this!? I'm thrilled to use coconut oil!  Where can I get it?  I'm off! 

  4. Hello, Roberta!  Yes, you would know about chapped hands as a nurse!  That owl cake is so adorable!  I want to do it with a cheesecake!  I wonder if I could use other things for feathers.  

  5. Pure almond oil + a drop of glycerine +occlusion at all times possible and especially after washing your hands …do try it out for a couple of weeks and let me know the results please…I hope your pretty hands will back to normal rather soon 🙂

  6. I have to agree that Bag Balm is the best.  I use it on all parts of my body, even my face!    It also works wonders on my daughter's continually appearing diaper rashes (much better than diaper creams or powders).  It seems to work into my hands better than something like Aquaphor/petroleum that sits on top of my hands (and doesn't make them feel any less dry).  Hope you find something that works!