Finding the Right Vein

I’m sitting in the doctor’s office, and the nurse enters to draw my blood to check my thyroid.  She’s been practicing phlebotomy for over 10 years (I never knew the name for it!).  A skilled phlebotomist, she tells me, trains one finger to locate the perfect vein. 

“How do you find it?” I ask.

Venipuncture–the process of gaining intravenous access–isn’t easy. 

“I’ve taught this one finger to feel the bounce of the vein against it when I tap it.  When I feel that bounce, I know.” 

I sit back, close my eyes, and let her tap my arm.  Then, she pierces swiftly and confidently; she’s gained access, and within a few seconds, she’s finished.

A phlebotomist gains access to that hidden life force, that secret current, by instructing herself to feel what locations allow access to it.  I want to gain access to life-giving places, places where God’s Spirit leads, places of rich and deep flowing.  I want to pierce life swiftly and confidently and enter in, straight to the heart of God.  Maybe, when I’m not accessing abundant life, it’s because I’m hitting the wrong vein. 

Do you ever find you can’t access abundant life because you’re hitting the wrong vein?

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