A Challenge

I’m listening to the Director of Operations for the International Justice Mission in Southeast Asia.  He makes three statements that can reshape my purpose in my community.

1.  Believe that the strong have a duty to the weak.
2.  Identify the one in need of rescue.
3.  Respond with courage and compassion to confront oppressors (spiritual and physical) and set people free.

I’m not in Southeast Asia, but I am in a neighborhood.  Do I believe I have a duty to help others?  Can I ask, “Where are the weak among us–those suffering, those oppressed by various sources–who God might send me to help?”  And will I have the Spirit-filled courage and compassion to move into lives that need freedom?

Living with flair means going on rescue missions.  Today, the verbs confront and rescue enter my list of actions I want to animate my life.  Lord, give me courage.

Journal:  Who needs to be rescued in your community? 

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  1. YES!!! I love this! I recently read about childhood hunger in the U.S and felt SO helpless, but then.. I thought I have a blog so I'll do what I can and started a virtual food drive on my blog. 🙂 We should always seek ways to put love into action.

    Love this post.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week,