What’s in Your Fun Box?

I’m watching a mother bring out her “fun box” for her children during a long meeting. 

The “fun box” contains modeling clay, puzzles, interesting snacks, drawing supplies, costumes, or any variety of objects to delight children when they have to be where they don’t want to be (hospital waiting rooms, rainy days, situations requiring stillness and silence for long periods, bed confinement because of illness).

I thought about the “fun box” all evening because someone asked me what I like to do for relaxation and refreshment during difficult or stressful times.  What would be in my fun box?  I thought of a few things: novels, bubble bath, candles and journals, my camera and walking shoes, or a new magazine. 

I want to have my fun box ready for the autumn season when the weather turns cold.  I want to have relaxation ready for when stressful events come.  Living with flair means the fun box isn’t only for children. 

Journal:  What else can folks do for pleasure and refreshment?

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