What You Will Think About Today

The “father of air conditioning,” Willis Haviland Carrier, claims he had a flash of genius while waiting for a train.  He began thinking about temperature and humidity, and within moments he had a scientific method to chill the air.

Back then, you couldn’t distract yourself from thinking so easily.  

I remember Carrier all day as I walk around in the kind of blazing heat that makes it hard to breathe.  I thank God for what I take for granted:  air conditioning, ice, refrigeration, cold water from a fountain. Some one began thinking and something wonderful happened:


I tell my students that invention is the hardest stage of writing.  They simply can’t come up with an idea.  They can’t begin creative acts–making something from nothing–because they don’t know how to begin thinking.

Well.  Let’s just sit for a bit, as if we were waiting for a train on a foggy night with absolutely nothing to distract us.  Let’s just sit here and think. 

It all began while a man waited for a train, thinking.

Journal:  Do I schedule thinking time into my day?

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  1. This is such wise advice. An executive leadership program I went through focused heavily on the importance of taking time to just think, to gain clarity before taking action in an endeavor.

    I also like how it aligns with Scripture – taking those moments to just meditate on God's word, to be still before God – some of the greatest revelations in my life have come from right there.

  2. Hi Heather,
    I discovered your blog from the Camp Greystone alumni site. I went on in order to help a girl find the application for staff, and found you! One of my most favorite staff members that one amazing summer I had the privilege of working for Katie. I'm reading a book called “One Thousand Gifts” which is truly making a huge difference in how I see God, the world, and myself. I would love to be in touch with you, even though I know time is short. Thank you for writing!! love, Elisabeth Shepard's Pie