Your Wound Is as Deep as the Sea

This morning I read the prophet Jeremiah’s poem in Lamentations 2. Here, he writes God’s words of sadness over sin.

He says, “Your wound is as deep as the sea. Who can heal you?”

I imagine the question posed so lovingly, almost as if God allows us to try and imagine every possible avenue of healing before we come to the one true Healer. He also acknowledges exactly how we feel about it and the raw truth of it.

Our wound is deep. It’s as deep as the sea. Is there anyone here who can heal? Anyone? 

I was most curious about this question because I remember feeling this way many times in my life. My wounds felt too deep. Who could heal me? How? Haven’t we all felt that at some point in our lives? I wonder if I’m the only one.

Back then–as a girl and then a young woman– I took so much comfort in God’s description of himself as Healer. My Bible is falling apart in those places. Highlighted and worn, the pages note God’s name for himself. Wrapped up in one of His names is that very promise. He is the God Who Heals You. 

I also took great comfort in Jeremiah 33:6 when God promises, “I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and prosperity.” Or the simple explanation in Exodus 15:26 when God just says: “I am your healer.”

Jesus comes as a healer. He’s healing wherever He goes! If He’s a healer, then I offer Him every part that needs healing, knowing that what I need most of all is a healed soul–a healed relationship with God. Everything trickles down from this healed relationship, this healed intimacy.

So I offer these wounded parts every day, even every moment if I must.

What still needs healing? When the wound feels as deep as the sea, God knows exactly how to heal you.

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  1. We have not, because we ask not, James declared — and when we ask our motives are often wrong. Your thoughts remind me to ask for healing with the hope that God can and will heal my hurts. Thanks!