You Need One of These in Your Life

Today I realize how much I need a cheerleader (or two or three–maybe the whole squad). I do! Even with my over-the-top energy, enthusiasm, and “I can do it!” attitude, I need cheerleaders.

How do I know? Because so far this month, the cheerleaders have made all the difference.

My cheerleader walking friend keeps me going with texts and words of hope and encouragement in fitness. 
My cheerleader writing friend keeps me going with words of affirmation, phone calls, and insight on the most discouraging days. 
My cheerleader teacher friend keeps me going with laughter and compliments when I feel like I’m a terrible teacher. 
My cheerleader husband keeps me going with love and support through long days of housekeeping and parenting.
I have a cheerleader sister, cheerleader Italian Mamas, cheerleader parents, and cheerleader neighbors.
We must have cheerleaders, and I’m so thankful for these encouragers! 
But more importantly, these cheerleaders remind me that I can be this woman for someone else today. 
I can cheer for someone in whatever she’s discouraged about. I can tell her to keep going, that she’s great, and that she can do this!
Maybe it will turn it all around for her like it did for me. 
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