Your Top Ones

Today I loved asking my students about their top artist and song from Spotify Wrapped. Students love music, and it’s a great way to connect to ask a question about music. If you’re with a young person, ask them about their Spotify Wrapped. Ask them this: “Who was your top artist? What was your top song?” They’ll light up. And you’ll learn a lot about music. (If you’re new to Spotify or don’t use it, it’s a music app that will give you a summary of your music listening habits over the past year. Every Dec. 1, you’ll have your Spotify Wrapped.)

Of course, one or two students out of 50 might not use Spotify, but they can still ponder what they think might have been their top song or top artist of the year. Every student I have this year loves music. And they love talking about it. You’ll have a great conversation.

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