The Thank You in Sausages

A fantastic student stops by with Dominican sausages from her father’s company. This was, in part, her thank you for how I wrote her graduate school recommendations. I was so delighted! It’s rare that a student sends a thank you note or gift like this for writing recommendations, but when it happens, I’m smiling all day. I have a plant given as a thank you from a student, for example, that I pass by daily and remember our time in class together. The gesture reminds me of the power of a nice thank you. Once, a student brought a bag of self-care products for me. Another time, it was coffee. I’ll take it! Who doesn’t love a little thank you gift?

While I do love gifts, mostly, I love the joy of teaching and connecting with students–not just because their dad owns a sausage company. Here we are with my armload of Dominican sausages.

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