Your Chilling Requirement

This morning, we all notice the gorgeous peach tree blossoms set against an ominous morning sky.  

We know what’s coming.  At the end of the summer, we can pick peaches on this walk.  This one little tree produces so many peaches that the owner actually begs us to pick his peaches each year. 

So we do. 

Many folks plant peach trees in Pennsylvania because peach trees, like other fruit trees, have a chilling requirement.  Some peaches require over 1000 hours of below 40 degree days in order to go into the dormancy that allows a new season of peaches.  Without those 1000 hours of rest, the peach tree simply won’t bear fruit. Here, a peach tree gets those crucial chilling hours.

So if it’s bearing great fruit, it means that tree had the right amount of rest. 

I have my own chilling requirement.  For days, months, sometimes years, I go dormant to prepare for the next year’s fruit.  We have to see rest that way.  It’s preparation.  It’s a requirement. 

Have you had dormant years that were required before a season of fruitfulness? 

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  1. I love this perspective! I think that I have been 'chilling' for a few years. Just this morning I sensed a new beginning. Now I have metaphor to wrap around this time. Thank you. 

  2. I need to learn to embrace my many dormant days.  Rarely consecutive, but disruptive nonetheless, these days I am usually frustrated and grumpy because I can't seem to get anything done.  Everyone in my house suffers as a result.  Finally, I am old enough to realize that those dormant days are often followed by at least one day of super productivity.  Now that it has a name (“my chillin' requirement”), I will try to be more receptive to it! 

  3.  I was so excited to learn this perspective, too!  Glad to hear you are sensing a brand new beginning!  So happy! 

  4.  Yes!  Old enough to realize that we need dormancy before productivity!  So true.  So true!!

  5. I took off almost three years from working. During that dormant period, I had more time for my Bible Study group and quiet time at home. When I went back to work a lot of adult kid issues came to a head and I handled everything that was “thrown at us” with grace that could only have come from God. I thank Him for giving me my dormant period because from it (and Him) came fruitfulness.

  6. I love this perspective, Heather. I can certainly look back and see that there have been many dormant years that I thought had been wasted…they were simply my “chilling requirement.” xo

  7.  Great point, Cindy!  It's good to think about those dormant times as preparation for an upcoming trial!