You Don’t Know Until It’s Gone

My kitchen computer (a tiny little netbook that’s falling apart) loses her backspace button today.

It just stops working.

If I want to delete a letter, I have to stop and figure out a way to press in the residual little bump that’s part of the old backspace button. It takes forever.

I find myself slowing down. I find myself deliberately placing my fingers on the keyboard–like a new typist–because it’s so difficult to correct these errors.

It reminds me of my ancient past when we used white out. You had to blow on it so it would dry and then reposition your paper in the typewriter (what’s that?) and retype your correction. I suddenly feel so thankful for the backspace button on this computer.

That’s it. Backspace is my flair for today. Something so simple and so taken for granted! I love that I lost it so I would feel that love for it again.

What little thing have you lost that you are now so thankful for?

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  1. Use the delete key! As another alternative, you could switch to “overwrite” mode instead of “insert” mode by pressing the insert key. That will allow you to just type over the characters (instead of inserting additional characters in front). Obviously, this is only particularly helpful it is near the end of the text so you aren't forced to retype too much.

    For a long term solution, you can replace the keyboard on the netbook inexpensively, if you don't want to get a brand new one. If it is falling apart in other ways though, it may not be worth the time and effort.

  2. Today is my first day of teaching. Last night, I finished up my syllabi and various other things I need for today, and I'll be photocopying them as soon as I get into work. We're in a new building, and there is a copier, but the printers aren't hooked up yet.

    My work computer won't talk to my home printer, and my personal laptop doesn't have a word program on it.

    I have never been so grateful for printers just working than I was last night. I finally had to save to PDF on my work laptop, then transfer all those PDFs to my personal laptop to print. Frustrating, but at least there was a way to get work done. I can't wait until we have printers at work!

  3. Best wishes for your first day of teaching! So exciting! Yes, printers can make all the difference. I'm glad you got the work finished!

  4. Don't laugh, Carla, but the delete key doesn't work either! I need a new netbook 🙂 Thank you so much for the tip about replacing the keyboard. I didn't know you could!

  5. Thanks! First day went pretty well. And we have our printers installed, so I was able to print off tomorrow's stuff at work!