You Don’t Bug Me

This morning, a little boy who walks with me to school every day hands me a Valentine.  He’s not a big talker, and he delivers it to me while looking at his shoes.

I open it up, and I see a picture of a giant bug.  It says, “You don’t bug me.”

I’m glad I don’t bug him.  And, as a writing instructor, I have to admit I love the wordplay. 

I walk beside him, not saying even one word.  He doesn’t like to talk, and I realize I don’t have to be talking to know we’re friends. 

Living with flair means I accept the slightest gestures of love, receive them fully, and walk beside my friends on their terms.  If that means silence, then I’ll do it.

Journal:  What does it mean to love a person “on their terms” today?

PS–Here are two photos from my photo shoot which only happened because my friend stood knee-deep in snow with that reflector shade.

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  1. You don't bug me either :). Heather, these photos are beautiful! Things are flairing up around here!:) Thanks for your sweet words over at the HighCalling. I've been in a funk and am just now trying to regain my footing…catch up with friends around here. Good to catch up with you :).

  2. I love your responding to this boy on his terms – when I do this, it puts me out of myself and onto someone else in compassion, generosity and understanding. Verbalization can be over- rated; what did Wilf say today – I have two ears and one mouth for a reason? The pics are great – YESH to your friend – glad to see the first in your info :0.

  3. So sweet, Heather. Every day you challenge me.

    You and your photos are gorgeous. I think I like the first one…with the red berries in the background…the best…but both of them are lovely.